The Qi Residence is the rebirth of a traditional home into a modern style.

The original house was built in the 1960’s ‘Garden Home’ style envisioned by the initial architect. Its compartmentalized design and ornate fixtures dated the one-story structure. This presented DKY Architects with the opportunity to not only add an additional story, but to rearrange the existing floor plan making it more functional with modern design elements.

The first floor was re-imagined to create an open plan kitchen, living room and den. The second floor was designed to include a home office and luxurious master bedroom suite.

The exterior was fashioned to embrace the strong linear elements of modern design by adding horizontal wood siding and opting out of the traditional triangular-based rooflines.

No longer the cookie-cutter tract home, the Qi House exemplifies modern simplicity in form and design.




Would you have thought that the outdated original house had so much potential?